Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Painting" With Your Touch Twin Markers

Today's project and tutorial is from Tami Mayberry.
A few weeks ago I shared this card and mentioned that I was going to share how I colored the image with Shinhan Touch Twin markers and hand sanitizer. 

Time got away from me but I finally made it back to share more. This is a fun an easy “paint” technique using Touch Twin markers that will give a soft watercolor look to your favorite images.  For this technique all you will need is a marker, hand sanitizer, paint brush and a slick surface.

Begin by coloring on slick surface with the marker. 

Next, squirt some hand sanitizer on the surface beside it.

 Mix together with brush:

Then, paint!

The color will soften as it dries and produce a nice soft effect as the final result.

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